Carlos Santander-Maturana, SSP Vice-President, District 6A Thunder Bay, President of Thunder Bay and District Labor Council

Matt Roy, District Treasurer, District 6A Thunder Bay

Linda Bartram, OTBU President, District 12 Toronto

Kimberley Perry, PSSP President, District 12 Toronto

Leslie Wolfe, TBU President, District 12 Toronto

Michael Frashcetti, OTBU Treasurer, District 12 Toronto

Paul Bocking, OTBU Vice-President, District 12 Toronto

Marina Michie, PSSP Vice-President/Chief Negotiator,  District 12 Toronto

Daniela Melo, PSSP Treasurer, District 12 Toronto 

Ryan Kelly, TBU Executive and Chief Negotiator, District 13 Durham 

Kate Davidson, PSSP President, District 19 Peel

Ryan Harper, TBU President (Acting), D19 Peel

Chris Gill, TBU member, District 19 Peel

Brian Grandy, TBU member, District 19 Peel

Cindy Gage, TBU President, District 20 Halton

Stephanie Biggs, TBU Vice-President, District 20 Halton

Anthony Marco, PAC Chair, District 21 Hamilton , President of the Hamilton District Labour Council

Shannon Smith, TBU President, District 22 Niagara

Belinda Benko, PSSP President,  District 23 Grand Erie

Jeff Donkersgoed, Chair CPAC and TBU Executive Member, District 24 Waterloo

Scott Marshall, T/OT President, District 29 Hastings–Prince Edward

Stanley Rosenzweig, Royal Conservatory BU President, District 34

Sandra Dalpe, Executive Member at Large, WLUSA BU, District 35

If you would like to endorse my candidacy, please contact me through the contact page or directly by email at hhulays@gmail.com. Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss my candidacy or where I stand on issues.